Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cryptogram Puzzle

Cryptograms are word puzzles in which your primary task is to decode a block of cipher-text. You are faced with a sequence of characters that looks like gibberish. The characters can be letters, numbers, or any other symbols you like. The idea is that each character represents a letter of the alphabet, and when all the characters are replaced with their corresponding letters, the gibberish turns into something meaningful and (hopefully!) recognizable.Here's an example of a cryptogram that has been embellished with a theme and an author of the encrypted phrase - just to spice things up a notch...
Topic - Realism
Word Puzzle Example - Cryptogram
In this example, I've given you a toehold into the grid by telling you that the number 22 represents the letter T. The cryptograms you meet won't necessarily have hints, or themes for that matter (though the themeless cryptograms seem a bit dry and academic for me).As you work your way through the puzzle you make educated guesses at the letters being represented by certain characters by focusing on key word patterns. I'll let you have a go at the one above to get a feel for what I mean by 'key word patterns' here.

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Lets not ruin the interest by giving the solution, I will verify if you post the answer.

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