Thursday, May 29, 2014


This  is a type of mathematical game consisting of a mathematical equation among unknown numbers, whose digits are represented by letters. The goal is to identify the value of each letter. Lets try this game with the popular one.

     &   & \text{S} & \text{E} & \text{N} & \text{D} \\
   + &   & \text{M} & \text{O} & \text{R} & \text{E} \\
   = & \text{M} & \text{O} & \text{N} & \text{E} & \text{Y} \\

You have to find the value of each letter involved in above equation.( S, E, N, D, M, O, R, Y ).

Remember the rules :
a) Different letters have different value.
b) Same letters must have same value (i.e. M in MORE and M in MONEY has same value)
c) The range of value is 0-9.

Refer to comment section if you want to tally your answer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crocodile Dilemma Paradox

If a crocodile steals a child and promises its return if the father can correctly guess exactly what the crocodile will do, how should the crocodile respond in the case that the father correctly guesses that the child will not be returned?

Don't think that logic is too simple. Think every possible cases in perspective of crocodile. Think hard. If you cannot find the paradox see the comment to find the reason of paradox.